301 Chestnut Street
Evansville,  Indiana  47713-1248


John Parasot De La Valette, after whom this Commandery was named, was the 48th Grand Master of the Knights of St. John.  He was born of a noble family in 1494, and died August 21, 1568 in the defense of Knight Templarism.  LaValette Commandery received a dispensation on March 14th, 1868 to open a Commandery in the city of Evansville.  On April 8, 1868 a charter was issued by the Grand Commandery of the State of Indiana to LaValette Commandery No. 15 Knights Templar.  Sir Knight George Fish was elected as the 1st Eminent Commander.

LaValette Commandery #15

2024 Dais Officers:

Eminent Commander: Troy Wilson

Generalissimo: Benjamin Fuqua

Captain General: Wayne Ravellette