301 Chestnut Street
Evansville,  Indiana  47713-1248

LaValette Commandery #15

2019 Dais Officers:

Eminent Commander: Christopher K. Spurgeon

Generalissimo: Doug Patmore

Captain General: Aaron Greenwell


John Parasot De La Valette, after whom this Commandery was named, was the 48th Grand Master of the Knights of St. John.  He was born of a noble family in 1494, and died August 21, 1568 in the defense of Knight Templarism.  LaValette Commandery received a dispensation on March 14th, 1868 to open a Commandery in the city of Evansville.  On April 8, 1868 a charter was issued by the Grand Commandery of the State of Indiana to LaValette Commandery No. 15 Knights Templar.  Sir Knight George Fish was elected as the 1st Eminent Commander.